Labcon® Low Retention Filter Pipette Tips

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  • ZAP™ Aerosol Filter Pipette Tips from Labcon provide you with complete protection from sample carry-over, Incorporating a patented filter that is made from high molecular weight polyethylene. 
  • The filters allow the pipettor to draw by venting through a tortuous sponge-like pathway. The pores in this pathway have an average size of 10µm, so even radionucleotides are captured before reaching the pipettor barrel.
  • ZAP™ Aerosol Filter Pipette Tips have been proven in studies to block aerosol contamination. Unlike some leading brands of self sealing aerosol resistent pipet tips they have no cellulose gum , toluene solvent, or colored dyes in the filter to mix with and contaminate your sample. Also, unlike self sealing aerosol tips ZAP™ Tips can be autoclaved in a steam autoclave. And they will not wick fluids like cellulose filled aerosol resistent tips so you don't have to worry about how you hold your pipettor.
  • Each style of ZAP™ Tips is designed from the beginning to fit precisely the range of pipettors listed in the fit charts. 
  • Each tip is inspected to fit with the actual pipettors, not just with measuring gauges. This means you won’t have to worry about leaking Tips and you don’t have to use extra force to mount these Tips.
  • ZAP™ tips feature a pure 10µm pore size patented filter without any dyes or additives. The pores on this filter are 100% smaller than those in other aerosol tip brands. A smaller pore guarantees that your pipettor barrel will be kept clean of DNA, radionucleotides, and other contaminants. This filter works to block fluids without any contaminants in the filter so you never have to worry that your work will be spoiled if your sample contacts the filter.