Labcon® APT™ Biomek® FX or NX P250XL AP96 Style, 220 μL Capacity

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Labcon APT     pipette tips for Biomek® FX and NX workstations are designed to work as a plug and play solution on factory specification Biomek® units.
  • Available in 50µl style for 384 head pipettors. 20µl, 50µl, and 250µl style for AP96 head workstations. All APT™ tips are in a heavy reusable polypropylene SBS footprint rack
  • Earth Friendly  ® - Made w/ Solar Power
  • Autoclavable at 122C
  • Biologically Tested to be certified free of RNAse/DNAse, DNA, ATP, Endotoxins, and Pyrogenic Materials
  • Every APT™ brand pipette tip is tinted a magenta color as your guarantee these tips will fit and work in the correct workstations.
  • Our APT™ tips in sterile racks, like all our other products, have received valid medical grade sterilization processing compliant with ISO 11137 to an SAL of 10-6. Most pipette tip makers offer only a non-validated "presterilized" product.
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