Labcon® Sample Collection and Transportation Tube (Non-Sterile)

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  • Our leakproof freestanding sample collection and transport tubes with screw caps feature graduations at 1mL increments and a large frosted writing surface for convenient labeling and identification. 
  • Each tube is molded from durable polypropylene, has a conical bottom, and a wide skirted base. Our exclusive elastomeric sealing caps are included and are autoclavable. 
  • Tubes are lab tested and certified to the IATA 95kPA standard for safe air shipping of samples and the DOT 95kPa standard for ground shipment of biological samples.
  • Complete Safety in Specimen Shipment.
  • All international and domestic carriers now require adherence to the IATA 95kPa standard for all biological substance shipments. IATA 95 kPa certification ensures containers are leak-resistant under differential pressure conditions such as in air transport.