Labcon® Sample Collection and Transportation Tube (Non-Sterile)

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Our leakproof freestanding sample collection and transport tubes with screw caps offer the perfect solution for sample collection and transport needs, to ensure your sample arrives in the condition you expect it. Tubes and caps bulk packaged and separated.

  • Feature graduations at 1mL increments and a large frosted writing surface for convenient labeling and identification. 
  • Each tube is molded from durable polypropylene, has a conical bottom, and a wide skirted base. Our exclusive elastomeric sealing caps are included and are autoclavable. 
  • Tubes are lab tested and certified to the IATA 95kPA standard for safe air shipping of samples and the DOT 95kPa standard for ground shipment of biological samples.
  • Complete Safety in Specimen Shipment.

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