Labcon® SuperSpin® Polypropylene Microcentrifuge Tubes

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Our SuperSpin® microcentrifuge tubes feature an extra thick and durable wall that can withstand centrifugation to 40,000 x G. And since these tubes use one of our pre-tested resins you don't have to worry about extractables in the resin that can interfere with your ability to detect DNA.

  • SuperClear® tubes feature a higher spin rate and USP class IV resins to ensure your work is safe and repeatable. 
  • Labcon SuperSpin® Snap Cap Micro Tubes were developed using our own in-house laboratory and tested in real labs. We don't use gauges or other unrealistic testing methods.
  • Clear graduations and resin allow for accurate sample observation
  • Non-Sterile or Sterile; Bulk packaging

  • Biologically Tested to be certified free of RNAse/DNAse, DNA, ATP, Endotoxins, and Pyrogenic Materials
  • Manufactured by Labcon North America in Petaluma, California

  • Packaging made sustainably using Solar Power, renewable energy, and recycled waste materials (100% Renewable Materials)

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