Aerosol Pipette Tips


ZAP™ Aerosol Filter Pipette Tips from Labcon set a higher standard for your lab than ordinary filter pipette Tips. Our aerosol Tips provide you with complete protection from sample carry-over, Incorporating a patented filter that is made from high molecular weight polyethylene. The filters allow the pipettor to draw by venting through a tortuous sponge-like pathway. The pores in this pathway have an average size of 10µm, so even radionucleotides are captured before reaching the pipettor barrel.

All our ZAP™ Tips in racks are packed in our trademarked Teal or Purple racks. These racks are made of polypropylene and are autoclavable repeatedly. They have sturdy latch hinges that won't come apart like lesser quality tip racks and a special snap lock designed so that it will not catch on your gloves. You can also get ZAP™ in Eclipse™ UNO refills.