Labcon products for centrifugation and sample storage offer you one of the most complete ranges of options available anywhere. Leak-Proof and resistant to high centrifuge speeds (up to 20,000 RCF). From our Superclear® Centrifuge Tubes to our PerformR® freestanding tubes, we give you options tailored to your unique needs.

  • These tubes are made from a unique medical grade resin that is far more durable than commodity grade resins used in most popular brands of tubes.
  • Spin rates much higher than most popular brands (Superclear ® up to 20000 RCF); Fits into most standard size centrifuge rotors
  • Elastomeric polyethylene caps in select options that prevent leaking - Freeze to -80  °C
  • Clear graduations and resin allow for accurate sample observation
  • Resin is pre-tested to ensure no extractables are present. Every lot is lab tested and certified free of detectable Nuclease (Rnase/Dnase), Adenosine Tri-phosphate, and Endotoxin (pyrogen) contamination.
  • Manufactured by Labcon North America in Petaluma, California

  • Packaging made sustainably using Solar Power, renewable energy, and recycled waste materials (100% Renewable Materials)

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