Labcon® ZAP™ Filter Pipette Tips

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ZAP™ Aerosol Filter Pipette Tips from Labcon provide you with complete protection from sample carry-over, Incorporating a patented filter that is made from high molecular weight polyethylene

    • ZAP™ Aerosol Filter pores are 100% smaller than those in other aerosol tip brands. A smaller pore guarantees that your pipettor barrel will be kept clean of DNA, radionucleotides, and other contaminants.

    • Also, unlike self sealing aerosol tips ZAP™ Tips can be autoclaved in a steam autoclave

    • ZAP™ Aerosol Filter

    • Non-Sterile or Sterile options available

    • Manufactured by Labcon North America in Petaluma, California

    • Packaging made sustainably using Solar Power, renewable energy, and recycled waste materials (100% Renewable Materials)

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