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Labcon Microcentrifuge Tubes

Original price $257.90 - Original price $644.00
Original price
$257.90 - $644.00
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These microtubes are equipped with flat snap caps, side markings, and a frosted area for writing. They withstand high centrifugal forces up to 35,000 times the force of gravity. They are devoid of ATP, RNase/DNase, and endotoxins, ensuring they are non-pyrogenic. Constructed from polypropylene USP Class VI resin, they are both autoclavable and capable of being frozen down to -80°C. 

Designed with ergonomic caps and smooth surfaces that make this tube easy to open and can help reduce the potential for repetitive strain injury. The cap also includes a special 90° hinge that self-aligns the cap and makes it easier to close while one-handed pipetting.

SKU 3022-800