Labcon® Metal Free Centrifuge Tubes, Bulk (Sterile)

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Our MetalFree™ centrifuge tubes are produced to ensure that key trace metals are kept below one part per billion (1ppb). They can be used for storage and analysis tasks that require extremely low levels of most common metals. 

  • These tubes are produced with a proprietary process that virtually eliminates common metals.
  • Far cleaner than metal free tubes offering a simple 1 part per million (1ppm) certification these tubes are unique. 
  • Developed in our own lab and using an Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy (ICP) system these tubes are free of more than 20 common trace metals to a detection level of 1 part per billion.
  • Non-Sterile or Sterile

  • Biologically Tested to be certified free of RNAse/DNAse, DNA, ATP, Endotoxins, and Pyrogenic Materials
  • Manufactured by Labcon North America in Petaluma, California

  • Packaging made sustainably using Solar Power, renewable energy, and recycled waste materials (100% Renewable Materials)

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