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Viewpoint® (Colour-changing) Centrifuge Tubes (Sterile)

by Labcon
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$173.90 - $624.90
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ViewPoint® tubes are a tool to help you track the real-time temperature of your samples when doing bench work or transferring samples to storage. ViewPoint® centrifuge tubes visably signal the temperature of the tube and contents.

Shifting to dark blue when the temperature of tube contents is below 4°C. This helps you keep better control over your work and can improve processing times. 

  • Change colour at 4°C
  • When dark blue (0°C), provide protection from UV light
  • Durable, medical-grade resin provides protection from autoclaving, freezing and centrifugation at speeds up to 12,500 RCF (40,000 RCF for 1.5ml tube)
  • Available as IntegraPack® 10 tube Sterile packs and non-sterile Bulk bags for 1.5ml
SKU 3210-325